What are differences between our service and those of other travel operators?

We are a family run business who are native to the villages along the Salkantay route to Machu Picchu. Our service includes homestays with families who are from this area and includes private rooms and private bathrooms, combining comfort and Independence as well as experiencing our traditions and history.  On the last night of the trek, you will stay at a lodge with views over the mountains of Machu Picchu where you can experience the sunrise and sunset over the mountains.


The families who form the Salkantay refuges are extremely proud to have received The certificate of excellence award in 2016 and 2017 from Tripadvisor This gives us the great satisfaction and also gratitude tour our customers, who are now also our friends.
We will continue to improve our service and make every effort to make sure that your stay with us is unique and unforgettable.
95.5% of the feedback on Tripadvisor are 5 star ratings. This type of feedback is really important in how we continue to improve and also how you can see the quality of the service we offer. You can trust in us to make this a secure, trustworthy experience in another country.


You will take advantage of private rooms and private bathrooms, without needing to share facilities with anyone outside of your group. We have double rooms, twin rooms and triple rooms. The beds have new, comfortable mattresses.
Our rooms have private en suite bathrooms with hot wáter and clean towels. Of the 3 nights you stay with us at the refuges, 2 of the lodges have private bathrooms and the 3rd night you will have a shared bathroom , just for our groups.
Because we are from this area, we look after the environment and out homes are in fitting with the environment , build from natural, rustic materials. We regularly organize clean up campaigns in the area and we clear up the litter left by other travel agencies to maintain the trekking route clean.


The fact that we are from this region for many generations gives us inside knowledge of this region We have worked alongside many travel agencies, giving them information about the development of new routes to Machu Picchu, We assisted them with everything they could have needed so that their clients were happy with the service, and offering our homes to hikers. we made a humble living selling chocolate bars, snacks and water However unfortunately for us these agencies have slowly over time destroyed our homes and the surrounding areas, leaving their litter all along the route and basically not taking care of the environment.
During this time we have learned valuable lessons about how to provide a great service to our clients without causing damage to our environment .We also realized that we could directly operate our own groups of travelers , offering an efficient, transparent and looking after our amazing countryside and mountains For us, it is not a difficult job to offer a good service. We are honest and humble people who want to share our environment and facilities to travelers to the area and it is thanks to you that we can now concentrate on working and protecting our community. We are also able to send our children to university and have health insurance, a massive help to our community. It is for these reasons that Refugios Salkantay offers a service based in quality, sustainability, Innovation and creativity.


Beacuse we are always thinking about our customers, We help you recharge your camera batteries so that you can take as many potos as you like with mínimum environmental impact. We also have soalr panels installed in our lodges. This is how we have internet and telephone facilities.
Even though Peru has the electrical current of 220 v our lodges are equipped with special plug in sockets to take 110 v also. However we do recommend that you bring a convertor to guarantee that you can use your appliances all over Peru.
The majority of companies who operate the Salkantay route use gasoline to power their electricity and this obviously causes damage to the environment. We however do everything to protect our environment and use solar panels.


Sleeping bags. Our beds are with fresh sheets and plenty of blankets so that you may rest comfortable and most importantly, warmly! You also do not need to bring a camping mattress. Our comfortable beds come with orthopedic mattresses.
Walikng sticks. We prvide your walking sticks for the duration of the hike. Rain ponchos: We provide lightweight rain ponchos for the trek


This is a huge concern for many people and many species especially in this región. This is why we as a travel company are conscious of protecting our environment and respecting our mountains are respecting ourselves. Many respectable travel agencies have special clean up campaigns once a year which they can publicize on their websites and show that they are a responsible travel company. However the reality in this region is that all of the other days of the year, they leave their litter all along the trekking route.
The reality is that the people who live in the area clean the trekking route EVERY day and the litter left by other people. To respect our environment and the species of the area we have had to change our way of living and our attitudes in many ways. In our lives we can choose a way of living to compliment the region and area in which we live.
For this reason, the families in this area invest in :

Solid organic waste is a great problem especially the waste from the bathrooms .These contribute to the breakdown in the natural cycle of the decomposition of waste and the pollution of natural water sources. The organic waste, once introduced into the bio digestors are broken down in such a way that the natural cycle is completed and the waste is converted into fertilizer which avoids the production of methane gas, one of the main culprits of global warming.

Solar Energy We use renewable solar energy which has a constant supply , dos not contaminate the environment and allows us to have a sustainable source of energy and avoids contributing to global warming. Our planet will respond to our actions eventually. We have to decide if we want to live in adequate conditions, obviously by making small changes to the way we live. Or if we want to live without thinking about the future or the consequences of our actions. Lets not forget that the world will not end when we cease to exist. We will always leave a legacy for the future generations. It is up to us to decide what this will be.

Ecological houses. Our houses and lodges are made of natural materials which enable us to live a healthier life and assure no damage to our environment or the people who live there.
Our aim is to have homes which are self -sufficient and our consumption of energy from the area, be from natural sources.

We are achieving this 


Original food.
We realice that your nutrition on the trek is important. We design our meals based on organic local products from the area which are healthy, filling and delicious. We do not need to bring food products from other areas as we grow all our own products naturally You will be amazed! We prioritize the fact that you will enjoy our traditional meals to be able to offer a more authentic experience.
Special dietary requirements We cater for all types of dietary requirements. Including Vegetarians, Vegans, Celiacs, Kosher, or any allergies you may have. Our chefs are specially trained to provide meals for all dietary requirements and preferences. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients. We use boiled water to wash our food products so that you can be assured of healthy, hygienically prepared, nutritional food.


It is incredible to be able to disconnect from the world while you trek in the mountains of the Andes.
Our refuges are located in the the remote areas of the Andes where there is no telephone or signal. Despite this we have an Internet connection and via this we have a telephone to be able to guarantee your connection to the “outside world” should you require. This is also a bonus for any possible emergencies which could happen.
Our Refuges offer the following services:
1: Internet / celular pone reception in all lodges.br>
2: Oximeter All of our lodges are equipped with an oxygen tank. If for any reason you are suffering from the altitude while on the trek.
3: Blood pressure Monitor.
Our lodges have a blood pressure monitor for any emergencies. It is important to be able to detect early any altitude symptoms so that you can carry on trekking without any risks to your health.
4: First aid kit
As well as the above, we also have a fully equipped emergency first aid kit at all of our lodges. Complete with oxygen tank, medicines and emergency medications. Yo simply need to ask us for the first aid kit. We do recommend that you bring with you any specific medications that you are prescribed as they are not usually readily available in Peru.


All of our hikes and itineraries require a minimum of 2 people. If you already have a group of 2 or more you can basically choose your preferred departure date. We can also help solo travellers to join an existing group for a trek of your choice, depending on availability.


Our tours include the best guides from the area. They speak English and Spanish as well as Quechua and are trained in the latest courses in History and Emergency rescue training and group dynamics/management . ¡OUR GUIDES ARE INCREDIBLE! They Are all from our local communities and are native quechua speakers. (The original Inca language which is still spoken to this day). This is their 1st language and Spanish their 2nd language. They have also studied English as their 3rd language. They also receive regular courses in first Aid , Flora y fauna, and history so that they are up to date with new Information and discoveries.


All of the people who work for the Refugios Salkantay are experienced with working with trekkers and are also from the area so know the route perfectly.

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