Refugios Soray

Soray Refuge

Salkantay Trek - Refugios Salkantay - Soray

The principal cabins /lodge is the” Refugios Salkantay”, which is found in the high Andean valley of  Soraypampa at 3,800 metres (12,467 feet) of altitude. The refuge takes the name from the spectacular mountain of the same name, which at an elevation of 6,271 metres (20,574 feet) is the highest in the region.

As well as offering energetic Andean cuisine, which consists oforganic products from the areaand especially designed for our guests,  we also offer special Reading rooms, 4 double rooms , 3 triple rooms with private bathrooms , hot water and an authentic, rustic decoration.

My name is Flor de María Espinoza, and I am from Mollepata, Perú, where the famous alternative Inca Trail of Salkantay begins and will take you en route to Machu Picchu.  You will also meet my Father “Marino Espinoza”, my Mother, “Mercedes Sotelo” and my Brother, “Edwin Espinoza Sotelo”. We all work together to be able to offer you an authentic experience on the Salkantay route.

For this reason, we are proud to have an operations team consisting of local Peruvian villagers who are from this region.

Refugios Salkantay - Salkantay Trek Soray

The Salkantay Trek as well as the surrounding mountains, we know like the back of our hand and we are more than happy to show you the best-kept secrets and hidden viewpoints behind the traditional pathway. We are also proud to say that one of us, namely my brother Edwin, has been able to climb the Majestic Salkantay Mountain, reaching the summit and ascending all the different routes, after many arduous attempts. He was accompanied on these climbs by his trusty climbing companion from the United States, “Nate Heald” . You will be able to admire the best views which the majestic Salkantay Mountain offers, as well as its culture, mythsand legends.

Activities in the area include: a short hike to a glacial lake, horse riding , snow climbing and mountain biking.

What Other Visitors Experienced

We did the Refugios Salkantay 4 day itinerary, and I can say without any doubt that there could’ve been no better way for us to experience the Salkantay trail. Flor and her network of friends and family were more than welcoming - and did everything to ensure we were comfortable, well fed and prepared for each step of the way. As soon as we arrived at Flor’s place in mollepata, she noted that our packs were significantly heavier than we needed. We had brought big packs as we had arrived directly from the airport so we didn’t get the chance to leave the bags at the hostel. However, Flor had a simple workaround and gave us a bag to discard extra intems in, which she promptly had sent to cusco where she also helped us make our hostel booking. After our hike, we arrived at our hostel in cusco and our stuff was safe and sound. The experience of staying with the families at Refugio’s Salkantay was truly one of a kind. With authentic food, expert guidance, even a lesson on how to procure coffee, avocados and other plant materials - The experience at Refugio’s Salkantay was a real highlight of my trip to Peru.
— Bharat
Réserver chez Edwin, c’est choisir de faire un trek du Salkantay pas comme les autres > l’hébergement et les repas sont réglés pour vous, avec l’assurance que quelqu’un vous attends toujours à l’étape d’après, mais vous randonnez sans guide, avec toute la flexibilité et le calme que ça suppose ! J’ai adoré mon trek grâce à eux et les différentes familles chez lesquels vous séjournez, je vous le recommande chaudement !!!!
— Myriam