Lucmabamba Refuge

Lucmabamba Refuge

We can be found in the village of Lucmabamba-Bayona, which is situated along the network of Inca trails of Lucmabamba-Llactapata-Ahobamba, with the final destination being Machu Picchu, and at an altitude of 2026 metres. We are a cooperative of more than 10 families from our community who united with the aim of improving our quality of life by integrating ourselves within the tourism industry.

Salkantay Lucmabamba - Salkantay Trek

You wil stay in our private home, and share with us, our ancestral understanding, through the experience of a homestay full of flavours and cultural exchange on the “organic coffee route” You will have the opportunity to accompany us in the harvest of the coffee beans, the toasting , grindingand obviously drinking of the coffee grown on our plantation. We feel extremely proud to be competitors in Sustainable, community, rural tourism and we are satisfied to be able to generate our own income in this way and be able to improve our quality of life. It is of great thanks to YOU, our guests, who look to travel in a responsible, sustainable way to our community of Lucmabamba, which is managed by local business women and can be found at the second entrance gate to Machu Picchu. Always with the aim of fulfilling our spirit of enterprise on a community / sustainable level. You are cordially invited into our homes, and invited to share the food from our table and we will happily share our customs and way of life so that you can understand more about our culture.


What Other Visitors Experienced

This is a great way to trek Salkantay while avoiding the larger guided groups, paying quite a bit less, and knowing all your money is going to local families. The trail is gorgeous, from alpine passes to cloud rainforest, though bring good shoes for slippery mud and rocks at some points, and pack light. Also, be ready for a little adventure and the need to be flexible. Since you’re not with a guide the whole time, you need to find your host at each stop, which is not always as easy as it may seem. 3 of my 4 hosts were extremely attentive and offered a great experience. Due to road conditions, one host could not arrive on time, and his family didn’t know to expect me, so they did not want to serve me dinner. Finally, a guided group took pity on me and fed me, and at 8 pm my host arrived and was super apologetic. That place too wasn’t a cozy home like to other nights, it was a hostel with many large groups, so know to expect that the second night. All in all, I’d recommend this, if you are up for a little adventure.
— Jessica
Une expérience extra ! Un Trek comme on rêverait qu’ils soient tous.
J’étais seul et me suis retrouvé avec deux français ainsi que deux américains, très sympa, tout comme l’accueil dans les différents endroits !
Nous avions pris la formule 5 jours, donc aucun taxi, tout à pied (un Trek, c’est normal mais pas la norme pour les agences de groupes de 15 personnes.
Dormir dans un lit, avoir un hamac, manger (très bien, et en bonne quantité) sans compter l’accueil, on a vraiment l’impression d’être un vip à côté des randonneurs en tentes..!
Je le referais sans hésiter, le premier hébergement est original et beau, le deuxième est très sympa aussi avec une nourriture presque gastronomique (la présentation est soignée, ça ne fait pas nourriture de refuge!) et enfin la dernière nuit dans les plantations de café chez la présidente d’une association de femmes qui transforment le café est une expérience vraiment enrichissante.
Passage par le lac ainsi que par le chemin inca qui permet d’avoir la vue sur le machu picchu le dernier jour, et arrêt aux eaux thermales, le top !
Si le chemin est fermé entre chalway et la playa(3è jour) prenez la formule 4jours, le chemin le long de la route serait inintéressant.
Bref, j’ai apprécié.
— Clément