Refugios Llactapata

Llactapata Refuge

Refugios Llactapata - Salkantay Trek

This is the point where you will have that first, exceptional view of the ancient city of Machu Picchu, the so much talked about lost city of The Incas.

This is a great place to see the sunset or sunrise over Machu Picchu and you will have free timeto enjoy the spectacular viewsand relax a Little after walking for these past few days. Once the stars have come out you will be able to see the Milky Way and the Inca constellations.  This is where the Inca Astronomers studied the sky to try to predict the weather for the planting of the yearly crops.

We are from these amazing lands where we grew up with the view of Machu Picchu without even noticing the years go by, dedicated to the coffee plantations , bee keeping to produce honey, and now being immersed in the world of tourism , however without leaving behind our belief system, customsand myths.

This place is totally unique as you will be alone with the Machu Picchu mountain and everything that surrounds it, such as the exuberant jungle which protects the Inca city and its infinite mysteries which to this day remain a secret. You can feel the energy of the valleys and the spectacular views of these impressive mountains.

What Other Visitors Experienced

The family that organized the hike did everything to made us feel welcome every step along the way. The rooms, the food and the people were great. We enjoyed every minute of it and we would reccomend to everyone. The families who owned the rooms were we stayed at made us feel in a safe environment and we were treated as if we were part of the family. Thank you refugios Saltankay for your professionalism!
— Diana Diana
I had a fantastic experience with Refugios Salkantay. Despite my limited knowledge of Espanyol, I felt comfortable during my stay. Flor, Marino, Manuel, Sonja and everybody else were friendly and super helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Refugios Salkantay to anybody else. It really felt like a personal experience and I didn’t feel like I was being rushed through on a ‘tour’ that has been done a hundred times before. I was just sorry I missed Pedro and his family on the second day! If you are looking for an authentic, semi-independent and caring way to reach Machu Picchu then Refugios Salkantay can’t be beaten. Thank you so much!
— Kahurangi Kahurangi