Experience Salkantay trek Machupicchu in a unique way,
exploring and discovering her secrets while staying with local
Refugios Salkantay is a team of families living along the Salkantay
route. There is no travel agency or middleman operating the
company. We are people from the area who will interact with you
directly in order to bring you the highest quality service. We will show
you how our culture, traditions, and ancestral history work in harmony with
the flora and fauna of the area. The more you understand our way of life, the more you will feel
a part of who we are. The trek is safe and not difficult. Without a guide, all you need to pack is
a change of clothes. We are happy to provide all the information you need.
My name is Edwin Espinoza Sotelo, I am from Mollepata Peru where the famous alternative
trek to Machu Picchu begins, Salkantay.
You will meet my father, Marino Espinoza, my mother, Mercedes Sotelo and my sister Flor
De Maria Espinoza Sotelo. We all work together very closely to provide you the best and
richest experience on Salkantay.
We provide private lodging in Soraypampa, Colpapampa, and Santa Teresa. Meals,
including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are included so that you only need a small backpack.
You don't need a tent, sleeping bag, or heavy pack. We will take care of everything, ensuring
an efficient and flexible service. More importantly, you can expect a personalized, once-in-alifetime
For these reasons, Refugios Salkantay offers a quality service founded on creativity and


Many people go with a tour operator and guide, or do this trek by themselves carrying their tent and gear.  We make it easy for you to do it all on your own, without this hassle and with great service on route. Hope to see you soon!